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These days, the use of “anthimeria” is so common that its existence as a specific trope goes almost as unnoticed as the term itself. We do it whenever we use an adjective as a noun, or a noun as a verb, and so on. The most common form of anthimeria, by far, is the verbification […]

Infographic on How a Book is Published

Author Mariah Bear prepared this chart for the blog at Weldon Owen Publishing. The original post, and the resulting comments, made be found here. Our own contact in the book publishing world informs us that this is, in fact, a very accurate – if over-simplified – descripution of the realities of getting a book onto […]

Great Video “The Power of Words” from Andrea Gardner for her Book “Change Your Words, Change Your World”

We’ve watched this video several times. It’s beautifully produced and photographed, and it makes its point clearly and simply. It should make people think. Part of what impressed us is its demonstration of how rhetoric – because that what this is about – can be used to influence people to ends other than political or […]