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About Me…

A longtime veteran of the software industry, I have extensive experience in dealing with the most demanding and high-profile clients in developing and supporting their mission-critical applications. Communication, verbal and written, technical and non-technical, internal and client-facing, was the medium of most of my work.

I love to write, am very good at it, take pains to get the message right, and am now bringing my energy and skill to where it will make the greatest contribution: the small to mid-size businesses which are becoming the foundation of the next economic boom.

About CopyLogic… What We Do…

With the highest level of professionalism, tempered by the personal touch, CopyLogic provides commercial and technical copywriting to small and mid-size businesses and not-for-profit organizations such as yours. We produce accurate copy to your specifications, applying classic principles of style and structure to create powerful content with cutting-edge freshness.

… Why Use A Copywriting Service?

Your products and services are the very best. You know that and we know that, but the challenge is communicating that confidence and enthusiasm effectively. To create their messages to current and potential customers, large organizations either have copywriters on staff or contract with marketing and advertising firms.

That arrangement works best when the amount of copy needed is in the hundreds of pages per month. But smaller companies only require a new sales letter, press release or website content every month or so, which makes prohibitive the cost of a dedicated staff or an ongoing relationship.

The usual solution is for the copy to be written by someone who’s already got enough on their plate and would rather be doing anything other than writing something that will meet the boss’ expectations. The results show that.

As a professional or businessman at the top of your field or trade you respect others for their own, distinct areas of expertise, and you expect the same in return. You understand that such respect comes, not only out of the quality of your service or product, but from the image you present. And just as important as a well-tailored suit or sharp-looking website, is the quality of your written communication.

And that’s where CopyLogic comes in: We are here to serve you, the smaller companies that are the “backbone” of the American economy, its engines of prosperity.

… Why CopyLogic?

With long experience in client relations on the corporate level, we understand the power of written communications. The right word or phrase can make the difference between failure and success and well-crafted copy, the difference between mere success and prosperity.

CopyLogic brings that dedication to effective communication to you, the owners and managers of the small to mid-size companies. After extensive discussions with the principals and leaders of such businesses we’ve come to understand their need for competent and affordable copywriting services.

… Not Just Words

Written or spoken language is not always enough to get your message across; a visual representation of critical information often makes the difference between effective communication and desperate confusion.  And that’s the difference between a sale and no sale. With wide experience in constructing graphs and diagrams, CopyLogic will provide the illustrative charts that will make your presentation clear and convincing.

… CopyLogic: Your Copywriting Service

CopyLogic takes your ideas, however complex, and produces clearly written copy for your intended medium and audience. Whether you need a sales letter, press release, speech, content for a web-site, print ad or promotional article, CopyLogic will deliver.


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